Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Vocal 10%

I have now been walking precincts since May 2. I have found that 90% of the voters I talk to want a Republican Party that seeks to have a majority now that can slow down the Democrats. 10% want to wait until they have a "pure" party that can enact anti-abortion laws.

The 10% is grossly over represented among the precinct leaders because they go to caucuses. They seem to try to act as "enforcers" who promote their religious beliefs ahead of the interests of the whole party and the other 90% of the voters who vote Republican.

This 10%, including many precinct leaders, is completely willing to hand seats to Democrats rather than allow a Republican who is not anti-abortion win in the general election and has interfered in several elections since 2000. They are completely insensitive to the fact that only a majority in at least one house can stop the growth of government.

My opponent has said repeatedly that he would prefer to be part of a small "pure" group of Republicans operating in the legislature than have a majority that includes people he doesn't like for religious reasons.

A cynic might suspect that the vocal 10% are trying to pave their way to heaven on the backs of the 90% who want a Big Tent Republican majority...want to stop the march toward socialism.

If you are part of the 90%, register Republican and make a point of attending the 2010 caucuses. You easily have the numbers to make changes.