Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Down to One

State Senator Dave Schultheis announced yesterday that he would not seek another term, leaving me as the sole Republican candidate. I called him an honorable politician when The Gazette asked me for a quote, on his departure, and I meant it.

I have sought to make my campaign against him a referendum on party tactics, or more specifically the tactics that he promoted. He was the pro-fratricide candidate. I am the anti-fratricide candidate. I am the pro-majority candidate. He said he preferred a "pure" minority.

If another candidate pops up, I will expect him to defend the Schultheis positions on party tactics. I have been running for office for seven months, and in all of that time, not a single El Paso County politician has distanced himself from Schultheis or his positions. It is a bit late to stand up and say Schultheis was wrong if the new candidate couldn't do so seven months ago.