Friday, November 6, 2009

Back to Two

Schultheis protege and close ally Kent Lambert entered the race yesterday. At the press conference, Schultheis described Lambert as "100% ethical." We need legislators who are 100% ethical, but Lambert isn't there. More later.

Edited to add: Lambert has a habit of telling the media that I am saying the opposite of what I am saying. He doesn't attend events that I speak at and doesn't allow me to speak at his events, so he has no idea what I am saying. Not exactly 100% ethical, or even close.

Lambert put out a fundraising letter claiming that his position on the JBC was creating a financial hardship for his family. He forgot to mention that he collects per Diem or the amount of his military retirement. He was asking people who make half or a third what he makes to help him ease his "financial hardship." Not exactly 100% ethical or even close.

Lambert bemoans the fact that there are "not enough Republicans in the Legislature" to stop the Democrats without disclosing that he favors purges. Not exactly 100% ethical or even close.

In 2006 Lambert and Schultheis objected when Hefley tried to hand his seat to Crank. It was an event that put fissures in the Party that last to this day. It was so obvious that Schultheis wasn't running that in late June I predicted to Gazette reporter Dean Toda that Schultheis would drop out. That happened on the last day that someone could move into the district and be eligible to run. Not exactly 100% ethical or even close.

Lambert trumpets his Colorado Union of Taxpayers rating without admitting that his choice not to seek a Republican majority makes all of his votes meaningless, to the point of making his rating a cruel and fraudulent hoax. Not exactly 100% ethical or even close.

Lambert courts the votes of fiscal conservatives but allows his close allies to call them RINOs if they don't hew to his religious views. Not exactly 100% ethical or even close. He has claimed that my campaign of insisting on a legislative majority is just "attacking Republicans" as though he is a real Republican and I am not. Not exactly 100% ethical or even close.